I want to filter data that contains a specific word - “Contains” filter

To filter your report by using a specific word, then you can use the filter option "Contains".

To apply the filter, click the "Edit Report" button:

Once you click the edit report, app will navigate to the edit page.

Now, selected the fields you need for your report. 

Once you have selected the necessary fields, click the "Filters" tab, which can be found under the "Report options" section:

After clicking the filter tab, you will see a drop down menu with two options "Regular Columns" and "Derived Columns".

Select the "Regular Columns" option:

Now, in the blank white box, type the field which you want to filter. For example, if you like to filter collections, then type the  the name of the field "Custom Collection" or "Smart collection":

Now, To selected the filter option, click the drop down menu and then select "Contains":

After selecting the "Contains" option, you need to enter the data which needs to be filtered.

Enter "Sales" for the "Contains" filter option, in the white blank box:

After applying the filter, save your report.

Now the report you export will filter and show only the collections which has the word "Sales".