How to filter multiple values in a column or one of the multiple values? - “Comma list AND” and “Comma list OR”?

To filter multiple data using Comma list AND and Comma list OR, click the "Edit" button to edit your report:

Once you click the "Edit" button, the app will take you to the report page.

Now selected the fields you need for your report. For this FAQ, we will use the collections column and see how Comma list AND and Comma list OR works.

There are two collection fields, "Custom Collection" and "Smart Collection". You can select the field in which you have the data.

Once you have selected the necessary fields, click the "Filters" tab, which can be found under the "Report options" section:

After clicking the filter tab, you will see a drop down menu with two options "Regular Columns" and "Derived Columns".

Select the "Regular Columns" option:

Now, in the blank white box, type the field you have selected. If you have selected "Custom Column", then type the name of that field and select it:

Now, the filter is selected. To select the filter option, click the drop down menu and then select:

Now Comma list And, Comma list OR filters work differently.

Lets say you have multiple collections in one row:

Now, you have multiple collections data in one row: Comfort Wear, Footwear, Trendz, Value for Dollar, Women Footwear

If you want to filter collections which has Footwear and Trendz in one row, then you can use the filter option "Comma list AND".

So, the Comma list AND filter will check and select the rows which has both Footwear and Trendz collections.

But if you want to filter collections which has either Footwear or Trendz or both in one row, then you can use the filter option "Comma list OR".

So, the Comma list OR filter will check and select the rows which has either Footwear or Trendz or both collections.

Example of Comma list AND filter:

Example of Comma list OR filter: