How to add past 1 year order information into an existing google sheet with daily data?

At the moment, Data Export does not have the option to send reports to an existing Google Sheet.

When you create a Google Sheet schedule, the schedule system will always create a new Google Sheet with your report's data.

In this scenario, it is not possible to add past 1 year data to an existing Google Sheet, which is scheduled to receive data daily from your report.

But, there is an alternative, and it require a 2 step manual one time setup.

Step 1: Clone your existing report which is already scheduled daily to your Google Sheet. Once you have cloned the report,              export it manually for the past 1 year.

            To clone or make a copy of your report, click the "Edit" button to edit your report:

Once you click the "Edit" button, the app will navigate to the edit page. Now scroll down to the bottom of the edit page and click the "Clone" button:

Once you have cloned and exported the report for the past 1 year, please save the report in your desktop or in your local folder as an excel file.

Step 2:  Now, If you have created a new daily Google Sheet schedule with "append" option, then wait for the schedule to send the daily data to your Google Sheet.

Once the Google Sheet receive the data, open it and insert one blank row in the top section of the sheet:

After that, open the manually exported report, which has the past 1 year data.

Copy the 1 year data from the excel sheet, and paste it in the blank row. 

This will push daily scheduled data down and keep your past 1 year data on top.

Now, you have your past 1 year data, and the daily scheduled report information in the same Google Sheet.

The daily schedule will continue to send data to the same Google Sheet on a daily basis.