Can I combine (consolidate) data from multiple Shopify stores into one report?

It is possible to consolidate multiple store data in one report.

However, it can be done only through Google Sheet.

To consolidate all the stores's data in one report:

1) Create an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly Google Sheet Schedule for all your stores. 

2) Once you receive the data in your Google Sheet for your first store, open that Google Sheet and create two                             additional sheets:


After creating new sheets withing the same Google Sheet, rename them as, for example, Store 2, Store 3 and so on.

Then, provide a shareable link with edit access for the first store's Google Sheet to Data Export's support team.

Once they receive the link, they will sync the first store's Google Sheet with the other remaining store's Google Sheet.

After that, your store's Google Sheet will have data from all your store combined.