I created a Excel pivot summary and added the fields in the rows and columns box. But it’s not working. Why?

The pivot summary has three boxes: Rows, Columns and Data (Values)

Now for the pivot summary to work, you need to place any fields which has alphabetical data either in the Rows box or in the Columns box.

And any fields which has numerical data, you have to place it inside the Data (Values) box.

If you place any fields with numerical data inside the Rows and Columns box, the pivot summary will not work.

However, there are few exceptions. You can place numerical data like order date, order id, product id, variant id, SKU in Rows or Columns box.

But you cannot place data like line amount, quantity, total refund, total discount, total tax in Rows and Columns box.

Any sales, refund, discount data should be placed only in the Data (Values) box.

Also, after placing the fields in the Rows, Columns and Data (Values) box, if you rename them, then the pivot will not work.

You need to remove the fields from the pivot summary section, rename them and then put it back.

Since Pivot Summary is a product of Microsoft Excel, the customizing and modifying the pivot summary is very limited.

The pivot and summary is only used to summarize the data.