I want my monthly report to be delivered on the 15th of every month

Data Export can deliver your reports on the 15th of every month.

To achieve this, you need to create a custom monthly schedule.

Click the "Schedule|Run" button, which can be found at the right side of your report.

Once you click the "Schedule| Run", the app will navigate to the schedule page.

In the schedule page, click "Custom schedule" option under the "How often do you want to run the report?" section:

Once you click the "Custom schedule" option, a small box will open:

For the frequency, select monthly from the drop down option. And then select the date 15 from the calendar:

Once you select the date, click Ok!

This will enable the schedule to delivery the report on 15 of every month.

Now, under the "How do you want the report to be delivered?" section, you need to select either Email, FTP, Google Drive or Google Sheet, as per your requirement.

Once you have selected the delivery location, click the "Run/Save Schedule" to create the custom Monthly schedule.