Estimated time of the custom report

The estimated time to export a custom report can vary depending on the number of products or orders in your store.

If you create an order or order line item, and if your report is exporting 3000 or 4000 orders, then it will take an hour (Estimated time).

If you are exporting more than 4000 orders, then it might take several hours to export the report.

This is because of Shopify's api limit. The API call limit is an algorithm which is designed to control the amount data which is sent out of Shopify’s API.

The rate at which the API releases the data is 2 calls per second. So, every second, Shopify API release very limited data to your report.

To know more about Shopify API call limit, please click here.

Also, if your custom report has any custom columns, then it will time to export as well.

This also depends on the type of custom column created in the report. 

If a custom column, created to retrieve a specific metafield or data from Shopify's api, then it will take one hour or more, based on how much data the custom column is trying to pull.