Does Data Export create a SFTP schedule?

Data Export has the option to create both FTP and SFTP schedules.

To setup a SFTP schedule, create a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Once you are in the schedule page, scroll down until you see the "How do you want the report to be delivered?" section:

Now, select the FTP option. And then click the drop down option below "Select a FTP" section and click "Create New FTP":

Once you click "Create New FTP", you will see a small box, asking you to enter the FTP details like connection name, host name, user name, password etc.

Below the box, you will see the option "Secure FTP". Click this option to enable SFTP:

Once you select the "Secure FTP" option, click save to create the SFTP connection.

After that, click the "Run/Save Schedule" to create the SFTP schedule.

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