I want a weekly report to be sent on a specific day!

Data Export can export your report and send it to you on a weekly basis.

You can also decide on which day you want to receive the report. This requires a custom weekly schedule to be created.

To create a custom weekly schedule, click the "Schedule|run" button which can be found at the right side of your screen:

Once you click the "Schedule|run" button, Data Export will navigate to the schedule page:

Now select "Custom schedule" from the drop down schedule option:

After clicking the "Custom schedule", you will see a small box. In that box, select "Weekly" :

After selecting "Weekly", you will see all the days of the week. If you like to receive the report on Monday every week, then click on "M", which is Monday:

Once have set the day, you can now choose if you want the report to be delivered to your email address, FTP, Google Drive or Google Sheet.

For example, if you like to receive the report to your email address, then click on "Email" and enter your email address:

Once you have entered your email address, click on "Run/Save Schedule" to create the schedule.