How to generate Last 30 days, Last 60 Days or Last X number of days Report?

+There are two ways through which you can create last 30 days, 60 days or any number days report.

Immediate Schedule:

Immediate schedule gives you the freedom to manually export your reports for any date range.

For example, If you like to export your report for the past 30 days ( For example July 1 – July 31), then you can create an immediate schedule, and specify the start date as 07/01/2018 and the end date as 07/31/2018 and export the report.

To create an immediate schedule, click the “Scheudle|Run” button:

In the “How Often do you want to run the report?” section, select “Run Immediately”. 

Now specify the start date as 07/01/2018 and the end date as 07/31/20181:

Once you have specifided the start date and end date, select your report delivery location:

Now, click the “Run/Save Schedule” button to run and export the report for past 30 days.

The same way you can export the report for past 60 days or 90 days.

Automated Schedule:

In an automated schedule like daily, weekly or monthly report, the schedule can be modified by the Data Export support team.

For example, if you like your daily scheduled report to pull past 30 days data, then our team can create the schedule and modify it for you.

After that, the reports will pull past 30 days data on a daily basis.