How to summarise data using Excel Pivot table feature?

A pivot table feature is an easy way to summarize large amounts of Shop data

To set up a pivot table you must create the report first selecting the information/fields to be summarized

E.g. I want to summarise How much of product Ace R is sold in a month?

As you can see in the preview there is the number of product Ace R is sold, we will see how to summarise it so that we know how many quantities are sold in a month.

Click on ‘Pivot table’ from report options, and drag & drop the ‘Product tile’ in the ‘Rows’ section & ‘Quantity’ in ‘Data’ section

Note: The values/number should always be in the ‘Data’ section

Note: Preview is not available for the Pivot table

Once you set up the pivot table ‘save’ the report

Next on the report page, select the date range of the report (in the example a month is considered, hence the date range is 1st July to 31st July 2018

Click Run/schedule to save the report

Now that you have downloaded the report from the ‘Report History’ section, open the file to view the report.

The report will have two tabs one containing report & the other one with the summary.

Click on the summary tab to view the summary of the report

 As we can see in the summary the total unit sold of Product ‘Ace R’ in the month of July 2018 is 962

To watch a video on how to create a pivot table click the link: