How do I change my report's existing schedule?

Once you create an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedule, it will not be possible to change the start date or time of the schedule.

However, you can change the schedule name and change the file format from excel to csv or vice versa.

You can also change the delivery location. For example, if you selected email as your delivery location for your schedule, then you can change it to either FTP, Google Drive or Google Sheet.

And you can change the report format. You can choose if you want your report to be sent to you as a zip file or as a link or just a file.

You can edit your existing schedule by clicking the “Schedule” tab:

Now click the “Actual Schedule” tab:

After clicking the “Actual Schedule” tab, the app will navigate to the actual schedule page.

There you can see all active schedules. For all active schedules, you will see the edit button on the right side of your screen.

Click the edit button to edit your schedule:

Once you click the “Edit” button, the app will take you to the schedule setup page.

There you can change the schedule name, file format, delivery location and the report format:

After making all the changes, you can click the “Run/Save Schedule” button to save the changes.