Can I create my own custom column for my report?

Yes, you can create custom column for your report. In order to create a custom column, you need to know ruby codes. Data Export is built on the ruby on rails code.

We have technical team for creating a custom columns for the reports with unique requirements  You can email us:

Find the below steps to create custom column for you reports.

1)  Adding the custom column:

  In the reports section of Data export, click “Edit report” for the report you want to write custom column.

Once you click the edit report, it will navigate you to the edit section of the report.

Drop down the cursor to the bottom of the report template, where you will find an option “Custom columns”, beside it clicke the “Add new” widget and start writing the custom column.

2.Writing the custom code

Data Export is built on “Ruby and Rails” language. If you are familiar with Ruby language, you can write the code for your reports.