How to Schedule a Daily Report?

Once you create & save the report, click on "Run|schedule", you will be redirected to the schedule page. If you are creating a new report, you need to save the report before scheduling.

 Select “Daily’ from ‘How often you want to run the report’?

 Set the start date & time on which you would like to receive the report

 After selecting the start date, select the time to receive the daily report at 9 AM

End date is a default, hence it is ignored


Now from 'How do you want the report to be delivered?' section select where you want to receive the report

E.g. To receive the report via email

Select email & enter the email IDs to which you want to deliver the report.

Note: You can add any number of email ids

Now click Run/save schedule

 To confirm your schedule is set right, click on actual schedule.

To see a video on How to schedule Daily Report, find the video link below: