Transaction Report

Order Level Transaction Report:

With Data Export you can also create reports to find out your customer’s transaction information.

There are two ways to create a report:

1)      Creating the Transaction report from the “Template” page.

2)      Creating a custom Transaction report

Creating transaction report from the “Template” page:

Data Export has a list of pre-made report templates which you can use to quickly run and export the data you need.

From this list, you can run the “Transaction Fee Report”.

Step 1: Click the “Template” tab:

    After clicking the “Templates” tab, the app will navigate to the templates page.

Step 2: Now search for the pre-made template ““Transaction Fee Report” and run the report.

Creating a custom transaction report:

Step 1: Click the “Create custom report” button

      You can find the “Create custom report” button in the template page and in the “My Reports” page.

Step 2: Now, you can enter a name and description for your report

   After entering a name and description for your report, click the “Continue to setup report” button.

  This will navigate to the edit page, where you can create the custom report.

Step 3: Once you are at the edit page, click the “Order” tab:

   Now that you have selected the “Order” tab, you can create order level reports.

   But our goal is to create a custom transaction report. To the left side, you can see a blue box.

   Inside the blue box, you can see different categories. By clicking on those categories, you can jump to that section           directly.

   For example, If you select shipping, you can jump to the shipping category directly.

   Step 4: Now click on order category and click “Order Date” and “Order Name” fields.

  Step 5: Now click the “Fulfillment” category in the blue box to select the “Fulfillment Status” field

     The next set of fields will be related to shipping information.

  Step 6: Select “Shipping” from the blue box and select the shipping fields.

To see the transaction information, click the “Billing/payment” category in the blue box and select fields shown below.

Now that you have selected all the fields, you can now see the transaction information in the template, along with the order date, order number and shipping information..

Note: All the fields selected above is to create this sample report. You can always select the fields to create your own order level transaction report.