Data Export Navigation

Navigating through Data Export:

Data Export has different pages through which you can create, schedule and export your reports.

You have three different pages: Templates Page, My Reports page and Schedule page.

  1. Templates Page:

This page will show all the pre-made templates for different scenarios and requirements:

You can always navigate to the templates page by clicking the “Templates” button.

My Reports page:

All the reports you create will be saved in the “My Reports” page. You can navigate to this page by clicking on the “My Reports” button :

From the “My Reports” page, you can edit and schedule your reports. You can also create new reports by clicking on the “Create new report” button.

Schedule Page:

The “Schedule” page will allow you to either create a schedule to export your reports immediately, or create an hourly, daily, week and monthly automated schedules.

You can navigate to this page by clicking the “Schedule” button:

 The schedule page has three additional tabs: Scheduled Reports, Actual Schedule and Report History:

      1) Scheduled Reports Tab: The “Scheduled Reports” tab will show the schedule details of your report:

    2) Actual Schedule Tab: The “Actual Schedule” tab will also show the schedule details. Also the “Actual Schedule” tab              will give you access to edit your active schedule:

    3) Report History Tab: The report history tab will show the status of the export process of a report. When you export a                report, the report will run in the “Report History” tab and then you can download the report:

If you like to know more about scheduling a report, please read the articles on “Scheduling a report”.